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In the next 3 to 5 years, obesity is projected to take over smoking as the leading preventable cause of death in America.  Direct medical costs have doubled in the past five years to 92 billion dollars.   From 1980 to present, the amount of children who are obese has doubled as well.  

This project is a public awareness targetting childhood obesity.   Kids Club Fit is an innovative youth fitness and nutrition program designed to educate childrens and their parents on exercise and proper nutrition. The Friendship Center of Lower Paxton Township introduces this 10 week program to Central Pennsylvania.   

The program is a 10 week introduction to a new and healthy lifestyle for families.  Children meet twice a week for a one hour exercise session. After the exercise, the parents join the children once a week to meet with a licensed dietitian for "impact" nutritional lessons, including lessons like the amount of sugar in processed drinks and food, proper portions, choosing whole over processed food.   A new healthy lifestyle is approached like a puzzle, with families asked to fit a new piece of nutrition into their lives each week.

The program also incorporates 
Exercise is Medicine principles to the program.  Exercise is Medicine is a national initiative introduced by the American College of Sports Medicine and endorsed by the American Medical Association.  Exercise is Medicine is committed to the belief that exercise and physical activity are integral in the prevention and treatment of diseases and should be regularly assessed as part of medical care. 

The Adam Group is an 
"Exercise is Medicine"  network member.  This project features an ongoing grass roots awareness campaign to area pediatricians who are referring children into this program and prescribing exercise and proper nutrition as treatment for patients.   

This program was made possible through a grant from The Highmark Foundation.

Exercise is Medicine 
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Harrisburg Magazine - February 2012



The War Against Childhood Obesity on Central PA's Smart Talk 
8:00 pm February 16, 2012

Watch Contraceptive Mandate/Childhood Obesity on PBS. See more from Smart Talk.

Gold's Gym, Camp Hill, PA
Education & Information Campaign

TRX Suspension Training is the latest innovation in the $200 billion physical wellness industry. Suspension training was developed by a Navy Seal and started with a few parachute strings and some boat repair tools. This form of training utilizes body weight based training equipment that focuses on the human body as an integrated system.  Suspension training builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once. This story focuses on the many uses of this specialized training including physical therapy and injury recovery applications.  

Gold's Gym
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Education & Information Campaign

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, but is outpacing petroleum, the first most traded, in price increase.  Series of stories that educate the public on reasons behind the noticeable increases in coffee prices.  Educational piece on the international reasons for the increases including emerging markets, crop yields and market speculation; as well as the effects on these increases, both nationally and locally. 

St. Thomas Roasters
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Awareness & Education Campaign

A large portion of Central Pennsylvania experienced severe devastation from floods this past September.   This story educates the public on the detection, remediation and prevention of mold, which can often lead to very serious health affects.  The story focuses on a local scientist, who is one of two scientists on the east coast, that utilize use on-sight microscope equipment to detect mold at a specific location and provide immediate answers.   


EnviroHealth Consulting, Inc. 
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Entertainment Campaign

House of Clarendon is Central Pennsylvania's premier couture bakery featuring European, high end cakes and confections.  This campaign featured "A Day in the Life" of a busy cake designer and exactly what it takes to make dreams come true in terms of delivering culinary artistry.  The bakery's owner, Martine Cajas, is also the host of Dream Weddings, Central Pennsylvania's first reality TV show.

The House of Claredon
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Education and Information Campaign

Proper nutrition of children is paramount to their success in school.  Numerous studies prove children who are better nourished perform better in educational settings.  Series of live broadcast pieces educating parents on healthy and quick ideas for children for nutritious breakfast and lunch meals.  

Nutrition for You
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Education and Information Campaign 

Gold’s Gym of Camp Hill, PA, a franchise of Gold’s Gym Franchising, announces the introduction of Kid's Club Fit, an area exclusive, children’s weight management program.
 These pieces educate and create awareness for a new children's fitness program initiated in the Central Pennsylvania marketplace. 

This project featured a grass roots initiative involving pediatricians in Cumberland County. 

Gold's Gym Kids Club Fit
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Information Campaign

A group of premier merchants and service providers in the Central Pennsylvania have joined forces to form the Welcome Little One Network. This community based initiative came  together to put resources at the fingertips of expectant and new parents.  The group’s pilot project is an upscale gift certificate presentation
entitled “Welcome Little One”.

This project featured a grass roots campaign involving OB/GYN doctors in the Cumberland and Dauphin Counties.

Welcome Little One
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